Undo 9-11 released

An IOS version is now also out, albeit in a censored verson called Undo Terror: Get it here:
 ----UPDATE END----

We just released a new game available for free on facebook and android. It's all about preventing 9-11 by shooting down terrorist airplanes eager to smash into it. Don't wait for an iPhone/iPad version - Apple thinks it's too controversial for release. What do you think?

In Undo 911, your mission is to defend the World Trade Center from the hordes of terrorist airplanes eager to smash into it. You take control of a laser cannon that shoots in a straight line with a simple tap on the screen. Line up your targets and time your shots to eliminate multiple enemies at once, granting you higher scores and slowing down time in the process.

If one of the Twin Towers get hit, don’t panic. You’re not game over until both towers are hit. Keep cool, and you will beat your highscore. If only the US military had the same laser weapons on that tragic day in 2001…

Easy to learn – difficult to master
Shoot lasers simply by tapping the screen
Challenge your Facebook friends and compare scores
Get revenge on the evil terrorists responsible for the tragic events of 9/11. 
Highly addictive gameplay.
Too controversial for the App Store!